Sustainability Department @ ESCP


To implement a sustainable vision and consolidate efforts, ESCP has created a cross-campus department for sustainability. The department should be a core innovative structure for sustainability education and research, and is composed of numerous ESCP professors, research assistants and staff. SustBusy member Olivier Delbard is heading the department, and below is a list of the current members:


Zuzanna Jaskiewicz


Aurélien Acquier

Valentina Carbone

Caroline Verzat

Florian Lüdeke-Freund

Sylvie Geisendorf

Rolf Brühl

Frank Figge

Ramón Fisac

Pierre Peyretou

Julien Schmitt

Tobias Froese

Marcus Bergmann

Anne Ratsimandresy

Tra My Le

Yaëlle Amsallem

Laetitia Vasseur

Laetitia Langlois

Claudia Ciancimino