SustBusy Research

In cooperation with 25 ESCP members from Paris, Torino, Madrid, Warsaw and Berlin, the research centre on issues of sustainability in business and society has been founded in 2013 under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Sylvie Geisendorf.


ESCP comprises a considerable number of professors who are involved in research and teaching sustainability issues.


The research centre “Business and Society – Towards a Sustainable World” (SustBusy), whose office is located at the Department of Environment and Economics in Berlin provides a common roof for these related activities. The individual and group-related research projects cover a wide area of research issues. Company-specific issues, development of a sustainability culture, implementation of a sustainability strategy or sustainable supply chains are covered as well as CSR reporting, socially responsible investment, social issues of an anti-consumption lifestyle and behavioural economics-based analysis of environmental policy. The special feature of the research centre is the broadly-based position of its members and its high potential for synergies. There are two main links between our approaches where individual projects might benefit from each other. First, there are several projects on the company and reporting level which could exchange information on a sustainability culture or strategy as well as CSR reporting. Second, the projects on a company, consumer, and financial market level would benefit from a link to the political/regulation side as well as this research could profit from empirical results on the behaviour of the respective agents.


We are excited that SustBusy allows an even closer cooperation and coordination of our activities.


In this sense: Sustainable success!


Prof. Dr. Sylvie Geisendorf
Scientific Director