Klartext Energie

First sustainable now disruptive? – Energy business under change

In an insightful discussion brought together by ESCP Europe and EY, the 7th “Klartext Energie” discussion yielded interesting perspectives on the ongoing disruption of the energy sector. Digital technologies like smartphones, portaIs, the internet of things, big data, and block chains are transforming the energy sector and paving the way for new business models.

Intelligent networks with sensors to regulate electricity in real time are opening up potential for startups. There is a need for the coordination of decentralized producers and buyers. Smartphone applications allow to control heating systems remotely, wind parks and PV panels can be managed from a distance and could offer new, combined and thus more reliable electricity contracts and companies or house owners could monitor their use of energy and balance it with supply.

These and further implications of the increasing digitalization on the energy sector have been discussed by Prof. Sylvie Geisendorf (ESCP Europe) and Michael Riedel (EY) with Dr. Stephanie Ropenus (Agora Energiewende), Markus Lesser (PNE Wind AG) and Start Up experts Manuel Lachman (Thermondo GmbH), Dr. Jonas Danzeisen (Venios GmbH), and Ralf Tesch (Nutreon Engineering GmbH).