Green Alley Award 2017

R2Pi is a lead network partner for the Green Alley Award 2017.

We cannot deny the relentless consumption in our society today, the result of which is more than two billion tons of waste generated worldwide each year. That number is alarming and shows how urgently a rethink is needed. New solutions must be found and implemented in order to reduce the amount of waste generated and to recycle better. The enormous consumption of a wide range of materials presents the circular economy with unresolved challenges. That’s where the Green Alley Award comes into play, focussing on innovative ideas and the replacement of outdated methods.

European start-ups with a green business idea still have until 25th July to apply for the 2017 Green Alley Award. Innovative ideas for the circular economy, resource conservation, recycling, and chemical handling are welcome. Interested start-ups and eco-entrepreneurs can submit their applications with just a few clicks at