ESCP Europe is part of “Solutions COP21”

The Paris World Climate conference in December 2015 was ​accompanied by a Climate Experience exhibition at the Grand Palais. From 4 to 10 December, the Solutions COP21 exhibition expected to welcome close to 50,000 visitors to the Grand Palais to live the climate experience and discover existing practical solutions to take us forward to the post-carbon era. Associations, NGOs, researchers, cities and territories, companies, creators, artists and media came together for the biggest-ever multi-player agenda to share their climate solutions with a wide audience, launched by Comité 21 and Club France Développement Durable.

Prof. Sylvie Geisendorf at "Solutions COP21"

Prof. Dr. Sylvie Geisendorf from ESCP Europe Berlin and Prof. Dr. Olivier Delbard from the Paris Campus took part in this event to represent the activities of the ESCP intercampus research center SustBusy in Climate and Sustainability research as well as the importance ESCP Europe attaches to teaching Sustainability in specializations and a whole new Masters programme. We gave talks on our agent-based climate economic modelling and the new online course (MOOC) on sustainability and ecology and discussed the need for more study programmes specializing on sustainability issues. ESCP Europe wants to contribute enabling people to find innovative solutions by dedicating a two year programme to the formation of future-oriented managers, the Master in International Sustainability Management.