Circular Economy Conference with the R2Pi project

March 28th, 2019 / 9:00 – 12:00 / Paris Campus (Amphi Percepied)

A Circular Economy Conference in parternship with the European Horizon 2020 R2Pi Project


Partnerships for Circular Economy: firm-centric, consortium and market-based approaches

Which kind of partnerships will promote the circular economy?

Circular Economy is currently developed through a wide variety of approaches. Either led by a company (Rolls Royce or SEB), co-constructed by several actors (Aquaponics) or facilitated by platforms (Phenix), several types of partnerships are emerging, which present specific strengths and challenges. This conference will bring together ESCP Europe’s European partners and will provide a unique opportunity to learn about several case studies conducted very recently in different countries.

Detailed program:

9:00 – Partnerships for Circular Economy: firm-centric, consortium and market-based approaches, by Aurélien Acquier and Valentina Carbone

9:30 – Exploring three different approaches to circular economy
A firm centric case study: Rolls Royce by Aleyn Gillespie
A collective case study: Aquaponics, by Alexis Figeac
A market-based case study, Phenix by Aurélien Acquier and Valentina Carbone

10:30 – Coffee break

11:00 – Round Table: Debating with circular economy leaders
– Fabio Menten, Deloitte Development Durable: collaboration for circular economy among large companies and start-ups
– Laetitia Vasseur, HOP: civil society actions for circular economy – from adversarial to collaborative relationships with companies
– Jochen Moesslein, Polysecure: new technologies for successful recycling strategies




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