Circular Economy Articles @ ESCP

New articles on the circular economy

In a momentous effort over the course of the past year, the Circular Economy & Sustianable Business Models Chair, headed by the co-directors Valentina Carbone and Aurélien Acquier, initiated a series of articles on the circular economy published at The Conversation. SustBusy members from several of ESCP’s campuses contributed to the project. This series provides a means to deliver results of scientific work on the circular economy to the public in a reformed fashion while maintaining the integrity of the work. From aquaponics to artificial intelligence to supply chains, these articles cover a diverse range of topics and incoporate the circular economy principles.

The rise of the “phenix”: giving a second life to food waste.

The circular economy: building an economy on the template of nature

The circular economy: four million business models and counting 

Circular cities of the world: what can green infrastructure do? 

Entre croissance verte et décroissance, enseigner l’économie circulaire en école de commerce (French)

Aquaponic farming: harnessing natural processes for an urban circular economy

Interface, spécialiste des dalles de moquettes et… pionnier de l’économie circulaire (French)