SustBusy Experts


Scientific Director



Scientific Director
Agent-based modeling,
Ecological economics, Evolutionary econ., Behavioural econ., Complexity Theory

Sylvie Geisendorf

Professor of Environment and Economics ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

ESCP Europe Faculty



Research: Embedding CSR within organizations, CSR and sensemaking, CSR history

Aurélien Aquier

Professor of Strategy, Organ. Behavior & HR, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: Behavioural accounting, CSR reporting, Social accounts and trust repair

Rolf Brühl

Professor of Business Ethics and Management Control, ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Sustainable and green supply chain management, CSR and sensemaking

Valentina Carbone

Professor of Supply Chain Management, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: CSR, Stakeholder Management, Sustainability Economics

Olivier Delbard

Professor of Social Science ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: Supply chain ethics, Risk management, Sustainability and culture

Christian F. Durach

Chair Owner of Supply Chain and Operations Management, ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Sustainability Management, Sustainable Logistics

Lola Herrero

Academic Director of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Madrid Campus

Research: Environmental Management

Jan Uwe Lieback

Director of GUTcert, Affiliate Professor ESCP Europe
Florian Luedeke Freund

Research: Corporate sustainability management, Sustainable entrepreneurship, Sustainable business models and innovation

Florian Lüdeke-Freund

Chair Owner of Corporate Sustainability, ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Methods

Renè Mauer

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Sustainable and Green Supply Chain Management, CSR and Sense-making

Valérie Moatti

Dean of Faculty and Professor of Supply Chain Management and Strategy ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: Corporate Finance (theory, policy and instruments), Firm valuation, Value-based management

Ulrich Pape

Professor of Finance ESCP Europe, Campus Berlin

Research: International Marketing, Cross-Cultural Studies

Nathalie Prime

Professor of Marketing ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: Strategy Execution, Sustainable Strategies, Complexity Management

Francesco Rattalino

Dean of ESCP Europe, Torino Campus

Research: Business model innovations, Ethics and compliance, Collaborative economy

Boleslaw Rok

Professor of Management, Kozminski University, Positive Entrepreneurship Research Lab, ESCP Europe Warsaw Campus

Research Staff


17c058sh-285-2 (2)

Research: Behavioural Economics

Andreas Aigner

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainability strategy in different countries

Liliane Carmagnac

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: Environmental Innovation Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management and CSR reporting

María Cristina De Stefano

Post-doc Researcher ESCP Europe, Madrid Campus

Research: Ecological Economics, Institutional Economics, Complexity Economics

Nepomuk Dunz

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Responsible Acountability

Melanie Eichhorn

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Reputation

Mauro Fracarolli Nunes

Research Assistant / Lecturer / PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Paris Campus
Foto_T. Froese

Research: Sustainable Business Models, Social Entrepreneurship, Post-Growth Business

Tobias Froese

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Organizational Legitimacy, Corporate Credibility, Milton Friedman's view on CSR

Johannes Jahn

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Ecological Economics, Sustainable Drainage Systems

Daniel Johnson

SustBusy Coordinator & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Behavioural Economics, Climate Economics

Christian Klippert

PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Research: Operations Strategy, International Business, Ethics, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility

Camila Lee Park

Research Assistant / Lecturer / PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Paris Campus

Research: Ecological Economics, Circular Economy

Paul Wolf

Research Assistant & PhD Candidate ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus

Associate Research Experts



Research: CSR in the supply chain, Sustainability strategies in emerging markets

Pilar Acosta

Professor of Organizational Management Universidad ICESI in Calí, Colombia

Luciano Ciravegna

Associate Professor, Strategy and International Marketing King’s College, University of London

Research: Anti-consumption, Consumer behaviour, Cross-cultural studies, Evolutionary psychology

Marcelo Nepomuceno

Assistant Professor of Marketing HEC Montréal, Canada